You never know what’s going to happen next! There was repair work going on at the House of God (2 Samuel 22:5-6). It seemed so mundane. What happened next was certainly not mundane. Revival broke out! A book was found. It was ‘the Book of the Law’ (2 Samuel 22:8). The rediscovery of God’s Word brought transformation. Everything changed when the Word of God took its rightful place among the people. King Josiah wanted to find out what was in ‘this book that has been found’ (2 Samuel 22:13). He read its ‘words’ to ‘all the people’ (2 Samuel 23:2). The words were not only read.They were acted upon: ‘The king… made a covenant before the Lord, to walk after the Lord and to keep His commandments… with all his heart and all his soul… and all the people joined in the covenant’ (2 Samuel 23:3). They returned to ‘the ancient paths’, to ‘the good way’ (Jeremiah 6:16) – and so must we!