Jesus was betrayed by Judas. He was denied by Peter. Could Judas have been restored? From God’s point of view, the answer is “Yes.” The love of God was there – even for Judas. From Judas’ point of view, the answer was “No.” There was no turning again to the Lord in Judas’ heart. In Judas’ tragedy, we see (i) God is not willing that any should perish; (ii) many will perish because they refuse to return to the Saviour. Peter’s story tells us of restoration. He failed the Lord. He let his Lord down. His Lord lifted him up. Between the betrayal by Judas and the denial by Peter, there is Jesus’ trial in front of the Jewish Council. They “condemned Him” (Mark 14:64). In doing this, they condemned themselves. They passed judgment on Him – but, one day, He will pass judgment on them: “You will see the Son of Man in the highest position in heaven. He will be coming with the clouds of heaven” (Mark 14:62).