Male And Female

Genesis 2:20

“a helper suitable for him”

Man was sharing God’s creation with the animals. Now, God was about to do something very special, something that would make the world a very different place.

Genesis 2:21
“a deep sleep”

Man contributes nothing to this mighty work of God. This is a great lesson we must never forget. We dare not make too much of ourselves. Anything good in us comes from the Lord.

Genesis 2:22
“a woman”

This was a new creation. There was nothing else like her. She was the first woman. There was also continuity between the man and the woman. They belonged together. In man and woman, there is both difference and similarity. The woman is different from the man, yet she is more like him than any of the other creatures.

Genesis 2:23
“This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh”

There is a sense of fulfilment here. Until this point, there was something missing. Now,the creation is complete. There is Man and there is Woman.

Genesis 2:24
“they will be one flesh”

This is more than a physical sharing. It’s a sharing in every part of life. It’s the special sharing which we call “love”.

Genesis 2:25
“naked and unashamed”

This is the original creation. This is before sin came in and spoiled everything.


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