What are we to say about the beginning of a new ministry? We hear it said, “It’s a time of change.” What do we mean when we say this? We speak about the way we do things – “He did it his way. You do it your way.”
Changing the way things are done doesn’t really matter that much. Very often, that kind of change is no more than superficial change. What we must pray for is real change – people being changed by the Lord.
Where does real change come from? Does it come from a minister coming in and saying, “I’ll do it my way”? That sounds a bit too much like saying, “There are two ways of doing things – my way and the wrong way”!
Real change comes when we fix our eyes on Jesus and we keep our eyes on Him. When we realize that He is the Way, we become less concerned with how things are done and more eager to know Him as the Truth on which we build and the Life which brings to us so much blessing from God, our Heavenly Father (John 14:6).
What kind of change are we looking for? Let’s look for real change – “Change my heart, O God, Make it ever new, Change my heart, O God, May I be like You” (Songs of Fellowship, 58).
Real change comes from the Lord. We can’t do this by ourselves. We need Him – “It’s the presence of Your Spirit, Lord, we need. So help us, Lord, to worship You …” (Songs of Fellowship, 256).