Lord, You are our Creator.

Genesis 1:26-2:3

Lord, You are our Creator. We have been created by You. We have been created for You. What have we done with this great blessing? We have turned away from You. We have gone our own way. We have done our own thing. Have You lost patience with us? Have You given up on us? We often feel like we are a waste of Your time – then we remember Jesus. That’s when everything changes – We remember Jesus. He came from where You are. He came to where we are. From where we are to where You are – This is what Jesus does for us.

3 thoughts on “Lord, You are our Creator.

  1. Amen Charlie! Without Jesus God would not be at all happy with us, but through our faith and trust in His Son we can be a delight to Him as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. ~ Blessings ~

  2. Thanks, Light Writers, Deborah Ann, Tim, K D Manes, Karina, Michael and Lilka, for liking this prayer. God bless each of you.

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