The Most Important Question

Many people have a vast amount of knowledge and a great deal of understanding, but they don’t have the wisdom which leads to salvation, because they refuse to open their hearts to Jesus Christ, the Saviour. Many people learn a lot about a wide range of subjects, but they don’t learn what life is all […]

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Joy, Pleasure, Satisfaction …

Our complete joy, pleasure and satisfaction is found in the Lord. We say, with the Psalmist, “Complete joy is in Your presence. Pleasures are by Your side forever … I will be satisfied with seeing You” (Psalm 16:11; Psalm 17:15). We join, with the hymnwriter, in singing praise to our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: […]

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The Ministry of The Holy Spirit

* The Holy Spirit is “the Helper” (John 14:16). How does He help us? What does He help us to do? He helps us to love Jesus. He helps us to keep Jesus’ commandments (John 14:15). * The Holy Spirit “will teach you all things” (John 14:26). This doesn’t mean that we will know everything […]

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