Couldn’t care less! Can’t be bothered!

Many people have this attitude toward Jesus Christ and His Church.

Perhaps, it’s your attitude right now as you begin to read this invitation.

God’s attitude to you is exactly the opposite.

He cares for you! He is bothered with you!

God’s care! God’s “being bothered”!

Doesn’t that make you think, “What right have I to say to God, “Couldn’t care less! Can’t be bothered!

Take time to read this invitation carefully.

It may change your life.

* Perhaps, you’re thinking, “Why should God care about me?

There is no answer to this question apart from the love of God.

Look at yourself honestly. God should really have given up on all of us a long time ago – but He hasn’t!

God sent His Son – Jesus Christ – to seek and to save the lost. God patiently waits for those who have lost their way in life (that’s all of us!) to come back to Him through trusting Jesus Christ as Saviour.

* Perhaps, you’re wondering, “How do I know that God cares about me?”

There is no answer to this question apart from the death of Christ.

Look at Jesus Christ honestly. He is so unlike us. He did everything God wanted Him to do. He didn’t deserve to die a criminal’s death – but He did: death on a cross.

Why did He die in this way? – “Christ died for our sins” (1 Corinthians 15:3).

It should have been me! It should have been you!

Jesus Christ suffered “capital punishment” for us!

The cross of Christ turns our questions around – “How can we doubt that God cares for us?”

* Perhaps, you’re asking, “Can I – a ‘couldn’t care less, can’t be bothered’ type of person – be changed?

There is no answer to this question apart from the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s be honest. The story of your life and mine is a story of failure. Don’t let failure hold you back from coming in faith to Jesus Christ.

Do you think that God will turn you away? – He sent His Son to save failures.

Do you think that Christ will look down His nose at you? – He died on the cross for failures.

Why do you say, “I can’t become a Christian. I’d be a failure”?

A Christian is simply a failure who has received from God – through faith in Christ – forgiveness for the past, strength for the present and hope for the future.

Why don’t you receive this great gift – a new beginning with God – by receiving Jesus Christ as your Saviour?

Don’t wait till tomorrow! Don’t wait till Sunday! Trust Christ right now!

We look forward to meeting you at Church this Sunday, as we thank God for Jesus!