In Luke 13:1-21, we see Jesus preaching, teaching and healing. At the heart of His ministry, there is love. The story of Jesus’ life on earth is an “old, old story.” It tells us about events which happened about 2,000 years ago. This story is still relevant to our life today. That is because it is the story of love. This love is unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable. “The old, old story” is the story of Jesus and His love.

(1) We see the love of Jesus in the healing of the crippled woman. His love reaches us. In the hymn, “Tell me the old, old story”, the story of His love is described as “that wonderful redemption.” The love, which reaches us, is the “wonderful grace of Jesus.”
(2) The love, which reaches us, is also the love which changes us. In His preaching, Jesus invites us to be changed by His love. When His love reaches us, we cannot remain the same as we were before we met Jesus. we are to receive His love into our hearts. We are to let our lives be changed by His love.
(3) The love which reaches us and changes us is to be the love which grows in us. This is the message of Jesus’ parables of growth (Luke 13:18-21). How do we grow in our love for Jesus? We must pray for spiritual growth – “O tell me more of Christ, my Saviour.”