“However much any theology will bear the imprint of its environment, it must be remembered that, when it is really living and sensitive, Christian theology does not only submit the cultural and conceptual framework of its time and place, but also regenerates and reforms it sometimes very drastically.” (E. L. Mascall, Theology and the Gospel of Christ, (SPCK, 1977)).

I found this quotation in Trevor Hart’s book, Faith Thinking: The Dynamics of Christian Theology, (SPCK, 1995). Hart’s book comes out of a venture entitled Gospel and Culture. Hart emphasizes the importance of the quotation. He places it, as a lead quotation, at the beginning of his chapter on “Integration and Reformation” (p. 198), Later in the chapter, he quotes it again, emphasizing, by the use of italics, the final phrase of the sentence (p. 213).