Jesus And The Woman At The Well – Learning From Jesus

Jesus is tired. He rests at the well. A woman comes along …

Out of this very ordinary situation comes a great opportunity to speak of spiritual truth.

Jesus doesn’t barge in like a bull in a china shop.

He makes an intriguing comment about “living water” (John 4:10), and, then, He waits for the woman’s reply. She asks Him to explain what He means (John 4:11-12). She asks. Jesus answers. His answer is a call to faith.

He doesn’t start pleading with the woman – putting pressure on her. He gives a general answer to her question. His answer leads to her next question, “Sir, give me this water … ” (John 4:15).

The woman recognizes the uniqueness of “this water.” Jesus is speaking about something different.

She’s still confused. She’s doesn’t understand what He’s talking about – but she wants to understand.

Suddenly, Jesus changes the direction of the conversation. He asks her to go and get her “husband” (John 4:16). What’s going on here? What’s this all about?

Jesus is leading her beyond a general conversation about “living water.” He’s inviting her to think about herself, her own situation, her own need of “living water.”  He’s leading her to a deeper knowledge of herself and Himself (John 4:17-19).

The conversation moves off in a more general direction (John 4:20). Perhaps, the woman feels that it’s getting too personal.

What is this conversation about? Is it about places where people worship? No! It’s about Jesus. It’s about our Saviour. Everything comes back to Him (John 4:25-26).

Jesus has led the woman to say that she is looking for the Messiah. She’s looking for the Christ (John 4:25). He tells her that He is the Messiah. He is the Christ (John 4:26).

Do we want to lead people to Jesus? May God help us to learn from Jesus.


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