Jesus still speaks these words to the people of this generation. What are the benefits of listening carefully to the words of the Lord Jesus Christ? As we listen to the Story of Jesus, paying close attention to what He said and did, we become aware of the greatness of God (Luke 9:43). Amazing! Astonishing! Marvellous! How does God reveal His greatness? He reveals His greatness in Christ’s triumph over evil. This triumph is accomplished in His crucifixion (Luke 9:44). In Christ’s crucifixion, we see more than “the hands of men.” We see the hand of the Lord at work. God is accomplishing His purpose of salvation. Evil men only appeared to have the upper hand. Victory belongs to the Lord. He triumphs over evil.
What was Jesus talking about? What did He mean? These were the thoughts of His disciples. How can His meaning become clear to us? How can His meaning be no longer hidden to us? How can it be revealed to us? It is “by faith” that “we understand” (Hebrews 11:3). The truth of the Gospel is “hidden” from “the wise and learned.” It is “revealed” to “little children.” We must become like little children – “Come to Me … and learn from Me” (Matthew 11:25, 28-29).