Job 37:1-40:14

Job37:1-24  –  ‘The Almighty is great in power and…He does not oppress’ (23). God’s power is loving power. His love … More

Job 40:15- 42:17

Job40:15-41:34  –  ‘Who can stand before Me?’ (41:10). God puts this question to every one of us. God’s Word gives … More

Job 29:1-33:18

Job29:1-30:31  –  Don’t forget to remember! In his time of darkness, Job remembers: ‘when His lamp shone upon my head, … More

Job 33:19-36:33

Job 33:19-34:20  –  Things are going well. We say, ‘Thank You, God’. We rejoice in the Lord. We give praise … More

Job 25-28

Job25:1-27:6  –  Job’s ‘comforters’ are no friends to him. They fail to discern the presence and purpose of God in … More

Job 18-20

Job18:1-19:7  –  Job listens to Bildad’s harsh words. He answers with a question: ‘How long will you torment me, and … More

Job 21-24

Job21:1-34  –  Job has listened to his ‘comforters’, and he is not impressed: ‘How then will you comfort me with … More

Job 8-12

Job8:1-9:19  –  Bildad speaks as a ‘know-it-all’. He sees what has happened to Job, and he thinks, ‘Job must have … More

Job 13-17

Job13:1-14:22  –  When you don’t really know what you’re talking about, it’s a case of the less said the better. … More

Job 4:12-7:21

Job4:12-6:7  –  Eliphaz sounds so ‘spiritual’. He speaks of  ‘a word’ being ‘brought’ to him. He speaks of  ‘visions in … More

Job 1:1-4:11

Job1:1-2:13  –  Satan is very busy – ‘going to and fro on the earth…walking up and down on it’. Why … More

Numbers 30:1-31:20

Vows (30:1-16): Be careful what you say – You may live to regret it (Ecclesiastes 5:2, 4-6; Matthew 12:36-37; James … More

Ezekiel 6

In Ezekiel 6, we have a message concerning divine judgment. Note the emphasis – “you (they) will know that I … More