A Real Word From The Lord

“God has spoken once. I have heard it said twice” (Psalm 62:10).

Some things are  worth repeating! Again and again, God speaks to us of His great love for us. He loves us. He emphasizes this point. He says to us, ‘Make sure that you don’t miss this.’ If, in our preaching of God’s Word, we set out on an endless search for novelty, we will miss lose our focus on the things that really matter. Our preaching will lack emphasis. It will lack the kind of passion that comes when we’re really seeking to emphasize the teachings that are at the heart of God’s Word. When God emphasizes something, He’s saying, ‘This is important.’ We see this in God’s revelation – “God has spoken once. I have heard it said twice.” We see it in His call for our response – “Rejoice in the Lord always, and, again, I say, rejoice” (Philippians 4:4). In our preaching, let us make sure that we emphasize the teachings that are so important in God’s Word. This kind of preaching will bring joy to the Lord’s people. The more we feed our hearts and minds on God’s Word, the more we will rejoice in the Lord, the God of our salvation. Preaching that’s seeking earnestly to share the Good News of salvation will bring blessing to the hearers. We don’t need to pack our preaching with as much information as we possibly can. We may end up with so much information that people are left wondering, “What was all that about?” We need more than information. We need inspiration. We must pray for inspiration. We need a real Word from the Lord. May our words be a true echo of God’s Word. May the heart of God reach out to the hearts of those who hear His Word.



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