Have we Really Outgrown God?

“Ask the former generation
    and find out what their ancestors learned,
for we were born only yesterday and know nothing,
    and our days on earth are but a shadow.
10 Will they not instruct you and tell you?
    Will they not bring forth words from their understanding?” (Job 8:8-10)

These words were spoken to Job by Bildad the Shuhite. Without commenting on all that Bildad said to Job, we may ask, “What is he saying to us here?” He’s telling us that we can learn from the past. This doesn’t mean that we should be locked in the past. There are many things about life in today’s world that are better than life was in the past. Many things, but not all things! – In the things that really matter most, we can still learn a great deal from those who went before us. The question we must always ask ourselves is this, “Have we really outgrown God?” That’s still an important question that our “ancestors” put to us. We will be wise if we listen to them!


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