God Sees Us In Our Sin – And He Sees Us In His Grace!

“I  will look to the Lord. I will wait for God to save me. I will wait for my God to listen to me” (Micah 7:7). Who is the Lord our God? The answer to this question is found in Micah 6:18-20. we are never wasting our time when we look to the Lord.We are never wasting our time when we wait on Him. He listens to us. He saves us. What wonderful words we have in the last three verses of Micah. God forgives our sin. He overlooks our rebellion. Better than our sin is God’s salvation. Better than our rebellion is God’s redemption. God is not angry forever. He shows mercy to us. God’s wrath was poured out on Christ so that His mercy might be poured out upon us. Jesus took our place. He died for us. He drank, fully, from the cup of our condemnation so that we might drink, fully, from the cup of His salvation. God has compassion on us. He overcomes our wrongdoing. He sees what we are really like. He sees us in our sin. He also sees what we can become. He sees us in His grace. Overcoming our wrongdoing means more than forgiving our sin. The forgiveness of our sins is very wonderful. It is not, however, all that God does for us and gives to us. There is also the changing of our lives. God throws all our sins into the deep sea. God is faithful. When we think of the faithfulness of God, we’re thinking of more than forgiveness. There’s also the faithfulness of God, keeping us for Himself, working in us so that our hearts and lives may be, more truly and more fully, set apart for Him. We think of God’s great salvation, and we say, “‘Tis mercy all, immense and free.” We know that this great change in us did not begin with ourselves. It began with God. It began with His eternal love.

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