Let’s return to the Lord.

Following many words about sin in Hosea 5, we have a call to “return to the Lord.” The people hear God’s call, and they say, “Let’s return to the Lord” (Hosea 6:1). This call to return to the Lord comes to us with the promise of His healing – “He will heal us” (Hosea 6:1), His revival – “He will revive us” (Hosea 6:2), and His life – “He will raise us so that we may live in His presence” (Hosea 6:2). We hear the bad news of our sin so that our hearts may be prepared by the Lord to receive the Good News of His great salvation. Once we have returned to the Lord, we are called to give ourselves to him in loyalty – “I want your loyalty, not your sacrifices” (Hosea 6:8).

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