The reign of God’s love

“The Lord reigns” (Psalm 93:1).

Kings and queens come and go – so do prime ministers and presidents! Above every one of them, there is the Lord. This should never be forgotten. No-one else can even begin to be compared with the Lord.

A reign of terror – world history has known more than its fair share of this! When we’re speaking about the Lord, we’re speaking about a very different – and very much better – kind of reign. It’s the reign of his love. The Lord is the King of love.

The Lord does not compel us to obey him. In love, he draws us to himself. He shows us how much he loves us. He calls us to receive his love. He calls us to love him. Our love for him is created by his love for us. It is inspired by his love for us.

We see his love for us, most clearly when we look at the cross of Jesus Christ. There, we see “love so amazing, so divine” (Charles Wesley). From Christ’s cross, the God of love is calling out to us. He’s saying to us, “I love you.” He’s, also, asking us, “Do you love me?”

The reign of God’s love becomes real, in our hearts, when we open our hearts to receive his love and share his love.

When we say, “The Lord reigns”, may our words be more that words that we say. May they express our commitment to being changed by his love – “loving him who first loved me.”

11 thoughts on “The reign of God’s love

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