God our Father

* Who is God and what is he to you?
From the Bible, we learn about God so that we might be changed by him. We don’t learn about God, just to say, “That’s interesting.” We learn about him so that we might enjoy new life – restored to fellowship with God, deeper fellowship with his people, greater commitment to serving the world for Jesus’ sake.
* Who is God and what is he to you?
It’s so important that we don’t stop with the question, ‘Who is God?’ We must go on to ask the question, ‘What does he mean to me?’
– You can ask the question, ‘Who is God?’ without really getting to know God yourself.
– You can be more interested in your own ideas about God than really getting to know him in a life-changing way.
When the Bible speaks to us about knowing God, it does not mean only head-knowledge, which makes no real difference to the way you feel about God and the way you live for God.
* Who is God? No single description of God tells us everything about him. The words, “God is love”, do not tell the whole story concerning him. We also need to talk about the holiness of God.
When we call God, ‘Father’,  we do not think only of the story of the prodigal son – the story of the waiting father who waits to receive those who return to him. We think also of the cross – of the Father who gave his only Son to suffer and die for us, that we might be brought back to God, to know him as our Father, to belong to his family.
* To know God as your Father is to belong to his family. You are his child. He calls you by name. Child of God – this is your highest calling: “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” (1 John 3:1).
Do you find it hard to accept that God is your heavenly Father? Do you find it easier to think of him as someone who’s not really interested in you, someone who doesn’t really care about you? Most people don’t know God as a loving Father, as someone they can love and trust. They think of God as remote, faraway. Many people have a distorted view of God. They see him through their own experiences. these experiences have been hurtful. This leads them to have a wrong impression of God.
 * Look at how you’ve been hurting. Look at how your hurt feelings are keeping you from enjoying the Father’s love. Do this honestly, and you will become more ready to come to the Father and receive his love.
 * God is ‘our Father.’ This is a tremendous truth, but what do you think of when you hear the word, ‘Father’? – protection, provision, warmth, tenderness, or something very different? 
 Look at Jesus. Learn what God is like. He loves you.

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