Praise God for His Deliverance (Psalm 9).

 * The Psalmist worships the Lord (Psalm 9:1-2).

 * He does not speak proud words. He sees all things in the light of the holy God (Psalm 9:3-8).

 * At the heart of this Psalm, there is a declaration of the character of God (Psalm 9:7-8).

 * The majesty, righteousness and judgment of God – Have we lost these important aspects of God’s character? Have we turned God into a sentimentalized ‘god’ of our own making? Let’s not take God for granted. Let God be God. This is very different from insisting that God must be what we think He should be.

 * We read about God’s trustworthiness (Psalm 9:9-10).

 * We praise God. We make it known that He is to be praised (Psalm 9:11-12).

 * In our worship, we speak of God’s judgment as well as His salvation. (Psalm 9:12).

 * In our worship, we look to the Lord for mercy and, with joy, we praise Him for His salvation (Psalm 9:13-14).

 * As well as emphasizing that God is trustworthy, we must also emphasize that He is not to be taken for granted by proud unbelief (Psalm 9:15-16).

 * We must take seriously the radical contrast between the “wicked” and the “needy” (Psalm 9:17-18). Who are the “needy”? – Here, God’s Word is speaking to us of the godly who recognize their spiritual need of the Lord’s saving grace. By contrasting the “wicked” and the “needy”, God is calling us to come to Him, in our need, and receive, from Him, his salvation.

 * There are two prayers which we must pray. – We must ask that God will make it known that He is Lord (Psalm 9:19).  We must ask that we will recognize that we are “but men” (Psalm 9:20).  When we recognize that God is God and we are but men, we are ready to be led to the Cross where we learn of both God’s hatred of sin and God’s love for the sinner. Thus, we come to the point where we are able to share, with the Psalmist, in worshipping the Lord (Psalm 9:1-2). We worship God as those who have come to trust in Him as the God of our salvation (Psalm 9:9-10).

 * Trusting in the Lord, the God of our salvation, our worship is heartfelt worship (Psalm 9:1). Trusting in the Lord, the God of our salvation, our worship is joyful worship (Psalm 9:2).

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