Love Changes Everything.

In 1 John 4:8, we read the words, “God is love.” How do we know that God is love? How do we know that He loves us? Knowing that God is love is more than reading these words in God’s Word. It’s being reached by God’s love. Our hearts are touched by His love. Our lives are changed by His love. He leads us to the Cross of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. At the Cross, we learn that God loves us. His love breaks through all the barriers that we put up. We feel unworthy. We say, “How can God possibly love me – after all that I’ve done, after all my failures. after all the times I’ve let Him down?” He hears what we’re saying, and He understands what we’re feeling – but He does not stop loving us. He keeps on loving us. His love is an ‘always and forever’ love. It’s a love that will not let us go. How are we to respond to His love? We let His love for us create in us a stronger love for Him – and, then, more and more, we will learn to say, from the heart, “Love – His love – changes everything.”

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