Barth’s Theme – “Not I but Christ”

Karl Barth is not the Name.
Jesus, for salvation, came.
Barth points us to the One,
Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.
If Barth were here today,
I think he would still say,
Look from Barth, look away.
Look to Jesus, he would say.
Karl Barth spoke of Christ’s grace.
Yes! Karl Barth knew his place.
He did not seek the glory.
He wrote to tell Christ’s story.
Look! Here comes Doctor Barth!
It doesn’t sound quite right!
If God’s Word claims our heart,
“Jesus only” is in our sight.
“Barth is small. Christ is great.”
This is what “KB” said.
We’re in an awful state,
When we say “Barth is great …”.
Karl Barth wrote many books.
What were they all about?
To Jesus Christ he looks.
Let’s get His message out.
Words of Christ’s text are few.*
They are addressed to you.
“The Bible tells us so”,
And Jesus helps us grow.
Karl Barth said, “Less of me.”
More of Christ may we see.
When we read Barth’s CD,**
May Christ be all we see.
Karl Barth calls us to praise.
Our songs to Christ we raise.
With the Lord we will win.
He is Victor over sin.
Dare we forget Karl Barth?***
Let Jesus fill your heart,
This, he asks us to do:
Trust in Christ. He loves you.
If you and I do this,
Barth’s point we will not miss.
Put Jesus first and not KB.
Jesus’ people we must be.
* Here, I am thinking of a sermon preached on 2 Corinthians 12:9 in which Barth contrasted the many books he had written and the few words of his text, “My grace is sufficient with you.” He said that we may forget all that he says, but we must hold on to these few words: “My grace is sufficient for you.”
** CD = “Church Dogmatics”, not “Compact Disc”!!
*** The name Barth is pronounced Barth. The h is silent.
These thoughts about Karl Barth are offered in a spirit of critical appreciation. What I am saying is an echo of what Barth himself said. Whatever importance Karl Barth may have had, this is nothing compared with the importance of Jesus Christ.

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