Justification, Sanctification and Perseverance – By Grace through Faith

More about Berkouwer, see The Theology Of G C Berkouwer

Berkouwer’s work on Faith and Justification is undergirded by this foundation – principle:

“The character of faith resolves all tensions between objectivity and subjectivity, For faith has significance only in its orientation to its object – the grace of God” (p. 29).

His work on Faith and Sanctification is undergirded by the same principle:

“The sanctification … demanded is always an implicate of the sanctification that originates in God’s mercy. Hence the sanctification of believers is never an independent area of human activity … we can speak truly of sanctification only when we have understood the exceptionally great significance of the bond between Sola-fide and sanctification … the Sola-fide … a confession of ‘By grace alone we are saved’ … is the only sound foundation for sanctification” (pp. 26, 42-43, emphasis original).

His work on Faith and Perseverance is built on this same foundation:

“The perseverance of the saints is not primarily a theoretical problem but a confession of faith … a song of praise to God’s faithfulness and grace” (p. 14, emphasis mine).

Berkouwer’s principle for understanding justification, sanctification and perseverance may be summed up thus:

“Sola fide (faith alone) and sola gratia (grace alone) … mean the same thing” (Faith and Justification, p. 44, emphasis original, brackets mine).

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