A jigsaw – with missing pieces

What are we to make of the book of Ecclesiastes?

At times, we may wonder, “Why is this book in the Bible?”

Sometimes, this book is saying to us, “Absolute futility … Everything is futile” (12:8).

At other times, we’re being told that we are to “fear God and keep his commandments” (12:13).

We wonder, “Does this man know his own mind?”

Here’s a man who has looked at life from two very different points of view.

He’s looked at what’s happening here on earth – and he’s confused by it all.

He’s, also, lifted up his eyes to the Lord, and everything becomes so much clearer

We feel like we’re being pulled in two different directions.

We look around us. It seems to us that life is like a jigsaw – with missing pieces.

We feel like there’s something missing – but we don’t know what it is.

We wonder, “Is there any way of rising above this feeling that we’re can’t make sense of it?”

Can we raise ourselves up? Again and again, we feel like the answer’s coming back to us, from every side- “No! We can’t!”

Can we be lifted up? We may not be able to find meaning in life – but can we be found by a love that reaches out to us in all the confusion of our life.

When we feel that life is meaningless, the book of Ecclesiastes comes to us with something that’s very encouraging – “God has set eternity in our hearts” (3:11).

Eternity – Where has this come from? Did we find it in our own hearts? or Did God put it there?

It comes to us from above – from the Lord, from his love for us.

We can live without God’s love – or we can let his love reach us and change us.

We can let his love shine his light upon us – and lift us out of our darkness.

Here are two songs – “Living without Your love” and “I’m not alone” that may help us to see more clearly the choice that is set before us in the book of Ecclesiastes.

The worlds of the Old Testament and modern music may seem to be two very different worlds – but, here, they’re saying the same thing.

We must make our choice – Will we live our life with no sense of a love that is reaching out to us from God? or Will we travel through life with a real sense that we’re not alone in this world?

What are we to take from the book of Ecclesiastes?

Despite everything that threatens to pull us away from God and his love, may we receive strength to hold on to our faith in God.

He loves us – and he is with us.

He doesn’t only love us when we feel that our love is strong.

He keeps on loving us when our faith in him is weak.

He doesn’t leave us on our own, when the going gets tough.

He is with us in the hard times as well as the happy times.

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