Will we ever learn?

In the Gospels, we read about Jesus and his disciples. They were slow learners – but he was a very patient teacher. He didn’t give up on them, and he doesn’t give up on us. In the question, “Will we  ever learn?”, there is more than a hint of frustration – we want to learn, but will we ever learn? Learning to follow Jesus is a lifelong process. Sometimes, we make some progress. Often, we are a big disappointment to our Lord. We may be a disappointment to him, but he will never be a disappointment to us. We may not always be his faithful followers, but he will always be our faithful Saviour. When we ask the question, “Will we ever learn?”, we know, in our hearts, that the answer has to be “No.” Thank God – there are some other questions which must be answered with the word, “No.” When we fail Jesus, will he fail us? No – he will never fail us. When we let him down, will he let us down? No – he will never let us down, he will lift us up. When we fail him and let him down, will he stop loving us? No – he will never stop loving us. Despite our many failures and our many falls, Jesus keeps on loving us. We have his precious promise – “He will bring to completion the good work that he has begun in us” (Philippians 1:6).

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