Peace, Power, Purpose

Acts 3:1-4:4
Contrast the Peter we see at the time of Christ’s death and the Peter we see here.
There was failure, frustration and fear. Now, there is peace, power and purpose.
(a) Failure – Peter denied his Lord.
(b) Frustration – Things could have been so different, if only I had confessed my Lord.
(c) Fear – what can the future possibly hold for me, now that I have failed my Lord?
(i) Peace – His sins have been forgiven.
(ii) Power – God’s power has come upon him.
(iii) Purpose – He’s winning people for Christ.
What about us?
Left to ourselves, our life-story is failure, frustration and fear.
when Christ comes to us, He comes with His peace, power and purpose.
What peace, power and purpose there is in Acts 4:12!
* Salvation brings peace – peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
* Along with peace, there is power. We begin with the power to live a new life.
* Christ’s power does not only change us. It gives us the strength that we need to win others for Christ.

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