Jesus’ words won’t go away!

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” (Matthew 24:35).

Irrelevant – that’s what plenty of people say to us about Jesus and His teaching! They tell us that we live in a complex, sophisticated age – and we’ve outgrown teaching that comes to us from such a long time ago. We hear what they’re saying – but we also listen to what Jesus is saying to us. In today’s world, many voices are demanding our attention. They’re threatening to drown out the voice of Jesus – but Jesus’ words keep on coming back to us, again and again! While much of our life is lived on the surface level, Jesus’ words keep on taking us deeper. He makes us think about the things that really matter: What is life all about? In today’s world, we need the words of Jesus. We need Jesus to speak to us words of love, words of peace and joy, words of hope, words of victory. May we learn, more and more, to speak back to Him – words of praise and thanksgiving.


One thought on “Jesus’ words won’t go away!

  1. Thanks, moondustwriter, Donald, Shofar/Liz, Fay, Julie, Laura, Beholding Him Ministries, Eileen, Isaiah 46 Ministries and Ryan, for liking this post. God bless each of you.

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