On Our Way To Glory

“But He brought his people out like a flock;   He led them like sheep through the wilderness.” (Psalm 78:52)

The Lord has done wonderful things for us! Beyond the land of bondage and oppression, there was the wilderness, and beyond the wilderness, there was the promised land. Let’s never think that the Lord will leave us in the wilderness. He leads us through the wilderness. He doesn’t take us into the wilderness – to leave us there. We’re passing through the wilderness. We’re on the move. We’re pressing on to the better things. It’s the Lord who’s doing this for us. He always sees beyond the place where we are right now. He has His eyes on the future. It’s a great future. It’s the future He’s planning for us. We may be in the wilderness – but we’re not stuck in the wilderness. We’re on our way to glory – heavenly and eternal glory, the glory of the eternal God, our loving, heavenly Father.

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