Hallelujah! He has found me.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up” (James 4:10).

In his “Sermon the Mount” (Matthew 5-7), Jesus begins with a series of sayings, known as the Beatitudes. In the third Beatitude, Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5).

Meek – what does this mean?

The first thing we must say is this – meekness sounds like weakness, but it’s really very different from weakness.

In Numbers 12:3, Moses was described as “very meek – more meek than any other man on the face of the earth.”

Moses was meek, but he wasn’t weak. He was a man of great strength. His strength came from the Lord. He received God’s strength, when he realized that he didn’t have this strength in himself.

When we read the word,”meek”, we could read it as “humble.” This would fit in with the story of Moses – Moses humbled himself before the Lord, and he was lifted up into a place of spiritual leadership among the Lord’s people.

“Blessed are the humble – What did Jesus mean when he used the word, “blessed“?

Can we replace the word “blessed” with the word “happy”?

We must be very careful, if we try to do this.

The word “happy” leads us in the direction of a human emotion. The word “blessed” leads us in the direction of the Lord. It speaks to us about being blessed by the Lord.

When people try to describe happiness, they, often, speak of having plenty of the things of this world. When the Word of God speaks to us about happiness, it speaks to us about living to please the Lord. True happiness comes to us from the Lord. It doesn’t come to us when we’re looking for it. It comes to us when our eyes are on the Lord.

They shall inherit the earth.

Having plenty of the things of this world may turn out to be very dissatisfying. It may lead to a profound sense of disillusionment.

We may note the very real contrast between two songs – one, a song of constantly searching and never finding; the other, a song of finding because we have been found by the Lord.

“I can’t get no satisfaction, and I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, and I’ve tried … ” The trying can go on and on and on … throughout life.

“None but Christ can satisfy, none other name for me.” We find real satisfaction when we find Christ. It’s not all about always seeking and never finding.

When we find real satisfaction in Christ, God gives to us the heartfelt testimony, “Hallelujah! I have found him.” Behind the words, “Hallelujah! I have found him”, there is something else – something more wonderful than our finding the Lord – “Hallelujah! He has found me.”

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