New Life In Christ

Colossians 2:8-3:17

Be what you already are. Be what God has made you in Christ. This is what God is saying to us here. ‘You have been raised with Christ… You died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God’ (1,3).

Paul is describing the new birth. Christ has made His home in us. New life has begun.

Now that Christ lives in us – what are we to do about it? How are we to live? – ‘Set your hearts and minds on things above’ (1-2). This is how we are to live. We are to live out the life which God has put into our hearts.

The new life begins when Christ comes to live in us. It does not end there. That is only the beginning. We are to go on, ‘being renewed in knowledge after the image of our Creator’ (3:10).

Christ wants to reign in us. He wants to enrich our lives (3:15-16).

In Him, there is so much blessing. Let’s enjoy it!


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