Make me a channel of Your peace.

Kings and queens, prime ministers and presidents – what are we to say about them?

Some say, “This one’s good – and that one’s not so good.” Others say, “No! It’s the other way round.”

No -one seems to be agree about what makes a good king, a good queen, a good prime minister, a good president – it’s all a matter of opinion!

What are we to make of this? Are we to become cynical – “Everything is politics – doing what needs to be done to reach the top and stay at the top”?

“Everything is politics” – where does this lead us? Does it lead us to a place where politics becomes politricks?

What happens when politics becomes politricks? – Every trick in the book is used to get to the place of power and stay in the place of power!

Is there a better way? Is there a way of life that we need to rediscover?

When we hear the words, “everything is politics”, do we need to say somethings else? – “but politics isn’t everything.”

In the Old Testament, we read about many kings. Some of the kings were good kings. Many of them were bad kings.

What was the difference between the good kings and the bad kings?

The good kings loved the Lord. The bad kings turned away from the Lord.

The good kings led the people to the Lord. The bad kings led the people away from the Lord.

Is this too simple? Can we get on fine without bringing the Bible into everything?

Some will tell us, “Things are more complicated than they were back then.”

We agree, “Things are very different from the days of the Old Testament.”

We read 1 and 2 Samuel. We go on, from there, to 1 and 2 Kings. We continue on into 1 and 2 Chronicles.

We feel that we are in another world – a world that’s very different from today’s world.

We read about the good kings – and we see that they weren’t always good. There may have been good kings and bad guys, but there were no perfect kings.

When we speak about good kings and bad kings, we must not give the impression that there are good guys who always get it right, and there are bad guys who will always get it wrong.

What are we saying? – Don’t forget the Lord.

Don’t forget the Lord! This is not just for kings, queens, prime ministers and presidents. It’s for all of us.

We are called to love the Lord. We are called to live for him.

When we hear this call to love the Lord and live for him, let us remember that Jesus loved us and died for us.

When we remember how much Jesus loves us, we will not see ourselves as judges who have the right to pass judgment on others – setting the good guys on a pedestal – they can do no wrong, and dismissing the bad guys – they can do nothing but wrong.

At the cross of Christ, we see the holiness of God and the love of God. In the light of God’s holiness, we see ourselves as bad guys, who need to be saved by the Lord. In the light of God’s love, we see that bad guys can be changed. We can become good guys (not perfect!), who are learning to love the Lord and live for him.

Returning to our starting-point – kings, queens, prime ministers and presidents, what are we to say about them?

May there be less concern with placing them on one side of a great divide – good guys or bad guys, and may thee be more prayer that they might know more of the love that reaches out to them (and us) from the cross of Christ, the love which can change them (and us), making us, more truly and more fully, what the Lord wants us to be.

Our prayer for our kings, queens, prime ministers and presidents, must always begin as a personal prayer: “Make me a channel of Your peace, where there is hatred, let me bring Your love; where there is injury, Your pardon, Lord; and where there’s doubt, true faith in You. … Make me a channel of Your peace, where there’s despair in life, let me bring hope; where there is darkness, only light; and where there’s sadness, ever joy” (Sebastian Temple – hymn based o the prayer of St Francis of Assisi).


4 thoughts on “Make me a channel of Your peace.

  1. Cool post,inspiring indeed.Truly we all need to look toward the Lord for his grace to make things happen.Thanks for the lovely post.🌷🌹👍🙏

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