Praying Through God’s Word: 3 John

What kind of influence do we have on other people? Do we do a lot of good? Do we do a lot of harm? These, Lord, are questions that we need to ask ourselves. They are questions that You are asking us. They are questions that demand an honest answer. They are questions that call for a change of direction – for a life that is less centred on ourselves and more centred on You. Give us grace, Lord, to rise to the challenge of being a good influence – not a bad influence.

3 thoughts on “Praying Through God’s Word: 3 John

  1. Thanks, Deborah Ann, Donald, Kristi Ann, Andy, Laura, Eilkeen, Mrs Holliman, Saania, Child of God, Ryan, Sally and Harsh Pandey, for liking this prayer. God bless each of you.

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