Burdensome religion and joyous faith

Burdensome religion and joyous faith are worlds apart. They are exact opposites.
“I have to” – How shallow and superficial is “I have to” religion. The man or woman who thinks like this hasn’t even begun to appreciate the great love of Jesus Christ.
What a far cry this is from a truly heartfelt and joyful Christian faith! … Have you begun to appreciate something of the great love of God, which is revealed in His Son, our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ? If you have, you will count it your great privilege and wonderful pleasure to come to His Table and remember His love for you, with joyful and heartfelt thanksgiving.. . If your real interest is Christ, you will grow into a deeper sense of heartfelt gratitude to his Saviour. If your interests centre on other things, you will, perhaps gradually yet nonetheless definitely, forget about your Saviour …

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