What do you believe? Who do you trust?

These two questions are closely connected, but they’re not quite the same. Christian faith is more than believing what the Bible teaches us about Jesus Christ. It’s trusting in Jesus Christ. While we can distinguish between the two questions; What do you believe? and Who do you trust?, we must not set these two questions over against each other. How are they connected to each other? We hear the facts of the gospel: Jesus died for us and was raised again for us. As we hear about what Jesus has done for us, we hear the voice of Jesus, calling us to come to him and receive his gift of salvation. Once we have begun to trust in Jesus as our Saviour, we go back, again and again, to the words of the Bible, the words that tell us what the Lord has done for us, and our trust in Jesus grows in strength. We trust in Jesus Christ, the Saviour who gave himself in death for us, the Lord who has been raised to life for us.

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