Trusting In Christ As Saviour, Let Us Walk With God.

Genesis 5
The most significant comment in this chapter is in verses 22-23: “Enoch walked with God”. We should not, however bypass the reference to Noah who also “walked with God” (Genesis 6:9). In verse 29, we read of Noah (“Relief”): “This child will bring us relief from the work and painful labour of our hands since the Lord has cursed the ground.” This seems to be a rather mundane statement. When we carry the word, “relief” into our study of chapters 6-9, we see the deeper spiritual significance of Noah within the purpose of God. By building the ark, Noah brought relief from the storm of God’s judgment. What an awesome judgment of God the flood was. In the midst of this judgment, there was relief (salvation).The ark is a picture of Christ. Those who are in Him are saved. Those who are outside of Him are lost. Christ is the “child” of our salvation. He takes salvation out of “the painful labour of our hands”. He takes it into His hands. Looking to Christ and what He has done for us, we can say, with confidence, that we are “safe in the arms of Jesus.”


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