Raised From The Dead!

“God raised Jesus Christ from the dead” (Acts 2:24). Did this become true only because a lot of people said … More

Praying And Caring

“The Holy Spirit” (Acts 6:5) – This is in relation to social concern. “Prayer and the ministry of the Word” … More

Acts 25:1-27

Paul stood before Festus as an accused man. Festus listened. Recognizing his own shortcomings and respecting the accused wishes, he … More

Make sure that it’s real!

Simon the magician was impressed by the ‘signs and great miracles’, but his ‘heart’ was ‘not right before God’(Acts 8:13,19). … More

Three Great Gifts

Three Great Gifts – Jesus, Forgiveness, And The Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) Through faith in Christ, we put the old … More

Words Of Encouragement

“Paul … spoke many words of encouragement to the people” (Acts 20:1-2). Encouragement – What an important ministry this is! … More