Berkouwer on Bonhoeffer

Berkouwer’s discussion of christology and theodicy refers to insights from theologians of different eras – Paul, Luther, Calvin, Barth, Bonhoeffer, … More

Understanding Christian Truth

Berkouwer emphasizes that, if we are to understand God’s truth, we must take account of two important points:* The question … More

Berkouwer and Philosophy

Berkouwer approaches the questions of God, man and evil differently from philosophical theology. It should not, however, be thought that … More

Who is God?

Philosophical theology is chiefly concerned with the abstract question of the existence of God. Berkouwer, however, insists that the question … More

Faith and Sanctification

Except for one reference to A Half Century of Theology, all of the quotations in this post are from Faith … More

Berkouwer on Divine Providence

The distinction between observation and faith is important for theological reflection concerning divine providence if theology is to avoid reaching … More

The Person and Work of Christ

In The Person of Christ, Berkouwer relates christology’s content and method thus: “theology is not practised apart from faith, prayer … More

G C Berkouwer and Apologetics

Berkouwer, Gerrit C. (1903-1996)Throughout his lengthy career as Professor of Systematic Theology at the Free University of Amsterdam, he sought … More

The Purpose of Scripture

Berkouwer emphasizes that “the purpose of the God-breathed Scripture is not at all to provide a scientific gnosis in order … More

What is man?

For much of modern theology, the question, “What is man?” must precede the question, “Who is God?” The approach which … More

Theological Anthropology

It might be argued that Berkouwer’s concentration on man’s relation to God is no more than the adoption of a … More