Daily Bible Readings: Year Three

1st January: Psalm 77:1-20 Sometimes, we have more questions than answers (7-9). The questions keep flooding into our minds. We wonder where the answers are going to come from. What are we to do when this happens? We must remember what the Lord has done for us (11-12). Look back over the ‘years’ – and […]

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Faith in Scripture as God’s Word

Berkouwer criticizes “an incorrect conception of theology, a conception of theology, a conception which considers it possible to discuss Holy Scripture apart from a personal relationship of belief in it, as though that alone would constitute true ‘objectivity’.” (Holy Scripture, pp. 9-10). He holds that those who view Scripture in this way “wrongly … see […]

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Notes: Job to Song of Solomon

JOB 1:1-2:13  –  Satan is very busy – ‘going to and fro on the earth…walking up and down on it’. Why is Satan ‘roaming through the earth’? – ‘Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour’ (1:7; 1 Peter 5:8). If, like Job, you ‘fear God and turn […]

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Biblical and Theological Links

Biblical and Theological Websites Belgic Confession Bible Centre Bible Commentaries Bible Gateway BiblePro Blue Letter Bible (Commentaries) Christian Blog Crosswire Bible Society Daily Devotions Evangelical Christian Library Gospel and Culture Heidelberg Catechism International Theological Dialogues IVP New Testament Commentaries James Philip: Daily Bible Readings John Zizioulas Northwestern Community Church Pentecostal – Reformed Dialogue Preachology Sermons: […]

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Berkouwer’s “Holy Scripture” and E J Young’s “Thy Word is Truth”

E J Young argues that one’s doctrine of Scripture is derived from either experience or Scripture, either natural man or supernatural God. Young does speak of the human character of Scripture. It does, however, seem that the supernatural-natural dichotomy underlies his doctrine of Scripture. He turns to the Bible “to discover what it has to […]

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