Wait on the Lord …

The world says, “The days go by and every vision comes to nothing’?” (Ezekiel 12:22) This isn’t something new. People were … More

Ezekiel 7

“The end is coming” – We read these words five times in Ezekiel 7:1-6. These are words of judgment. Ezekiel … More

Ezekiel 46-48

Ezekiel46:1-24  –  We read here about the ‘offering’ of ‘a lamb without defect’. This was to happen ‘morning by morning’ … More

Ezekiel 43-45

Ezekiel 43:1-27  –  This is not only about the glory of the Temple. It’s about ‘the glory of the God … More

Ezekiel 40-42

Ezekiel40:1-49  –  God was revealing Himself to Ezekiel. ‘The hand of the Lord was upon’ him. He received ‘visions of … More

Ezekiel 37-39

Ezekiel37:1-28  –  It was ‘a valley of dry bones’ (1-2). Then, the Lord changed everything – ‘I will cause breath … More

Ezekiel 33-36

Ezekiel33:1-33  –  Ezekiel was to be ‘a watchman for the house of Israel’: ‘whenever you hear a Word from My … More

Ezekiel 33

In Ezekiel 33, we read about the ministry of “the watchman.” He listens to God’s Word and speaks the Word … More

Ezekiel 32

Again, in Ezekiel 32, we read about God’s judgment on Egypt. God’s Word of judgment is awesome. There is a … More

Ezekiel 31

Egypt will be conquered. This message, from Ezekiel 29-30, continues in Ezekiel 31. The time of Egypt’s power will come to … More

Ezekiel 30

In Ezekiel 30, we read about the fall of Egypt and the rise of Babylon. The history of our world … More

Ezekiel 21-22

In Ezekiel 21 – 22, words concerning God’s holy judgment against sin are awesome. He does not take sin lightly. … More

Ezekiel 6

In Ezekiel 6, we have a message concerning divine judgment. Note the emphasis – “you (they) will know that I … More