Ezra 9-10

Ezra 9:1-10:44  –  The return of God’s blessing begins with a real confession of sin – ‘our sins are higher than … More

Ezra 8

Ezra  8:1-36  –  The return of God’s people to Jerusalem was not simply a geographical return – moving from one … More

Ezra 6-7

Ezra6:1-7:28  –  God’s work makes good progress when God’s people receive strength from God’s Word. Haggai and Zechariah were faithful … More

Ezra 4-5

Ezra  4:1-5:17  –  God’s work does not always move forward smoothly. We face determined opposition. Where there is opportunity, there … More

Ezra 1-3

EZRA 1:1-2:35  –  To ‘all’ of us, God gives His call. We are to ‘rebuild the House of the Lord’. … More