Pleasing Ourselves Or Serving God?

1 Kings 6:14-7:12 Solomon took seven years to build ‘the House of the Lord’ and ‘thirteen years’ to build ‘his own house’(6:37-7:1)! What are we to make of this? Are we more concerned with pleasing ourselves or serving God? Is our life more self-centred than God-centred? These are important questions. They are questions which we […]

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Learning From 1 Kings

The throne is handed on to Solomon by David. This is seen as part of the ongoing purpose of God: “Praise the Lord God of Israel who has let me see the heir to my throne” (1 Kings 1:48). The kingship was given to Solomon by “the Lord” (1 Kings 2:15) – “The Lord set […]

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A man of God

“A man of God” (1 Kings 13:1).  There are many things that we can be – a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a neighbour, a worker … Surely, this is the greatest – “a man of God”! To be known, first and foremost, as a man of God is both a great privilege […]

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1 Kings 1-4

1:1-53 – David’s reign was coming to an end. He would be replaced by Solomon (30). No one goes on forever. Every day takes us one day closer to the day of stepping down and handing over to someone else. We must pray that the future will be ‘greater’ than the past (37,47). Some kings […]

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