Confessing our Faith

Statement of Christian Faith – by the Church of Scotland We believe in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit God is love. We praise God the Father: who created the universe and keeps it in being. He has made us His sons and daughters to share his joy, living together in justice and peace, […]

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Fulfil your vows.

“Fulfil your vows” (Nahum 1:15).  * Faith We’re going to think together about our Church membership vows. These vows can be summarized in five words: Faith, Worship, Devotions, Giving, Witness. The first vow is the foundation upon which the others are built. The other four vows are the practical implications of the first vow: our […]

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Justification, Sanctification and Perseverance – By Grace through Faith

More about Berkouwer, see The Theology Of G C Berkouwer Berkouwer’s work on Faith and Justification is undergirded by this foundation – principle: “The character of faith resolves all tensions between objectivity and subjectivity, For faith has significance only in its orientation to its object – the grace of God” (p. 29). His work on Faith […]

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God is planning for the future.

2 Kings 2:14-3:27 ‘Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah?’(2:14). Elijah was no longer there – but God was still there! Don’t imagine that God goes away when there’s a change of ministry. While Elijah had been serving the Lord, Elisha was being prepared for his time. God is always one step ahead of […]

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