Genesis 19:1-22:14

Genesis 19:1-29 In Genesis 3, we read of humanity’s fall into sin. Here, we see the awfulness of human sin … More

Male And Female

Genesis 2:20 “a helper suitable for him” Man was sharing God’s creation with the animals. Now, God was about to … More

Genesis 46-48

Genesis 46:1-34 Jacob goes to Egypt. There were three factors in Jacob’s guidance: Inner desire – He wanted to see … More

Genesis 43-45

Genesis 43:1-34 The roles have been reversed. At the beginning of Joseph’s story, it seemed that the brothers had control … More

Genesis 40-42

Genesis 40:1-23 God gave Joseph power to overcome temptation (chapter 39). Now, He gives him power to interpret dreams. Here, … More

Genesis 37-39

Genesis 37:1-36  Here, we have human sin and divine grace. We see jealousy (11) and its effects: ‘where jealousy and … More

Genesis 34-36

Genesis 34:1-31This chapter is about sin – the name of God is not even mentioned! We might well say of … More

Genesis 28:10-31:21

Genesis 28:10-22Just another night (11)? No! – this was a night to remember, a night Jacob would never forget. God … More

Genesis 25:1-28:9

Genesis 25:1-18 What will we leave behind us? What will we pass on to the next generation? In this passage … More

Genesis 22:15-24:67

Genesis 22:15-23:20 After the renewal of God’s promise (15-18), Abraham went to Beersheba (19). He returned to the place where … More

Genesis 16-18

Genesis 16:1-16 From salvation and the assurance of salvation, we turn to Satan and the activity of Satan. Sarai came … More

A journey with God

“So Abram departed as the Lord had spoken to him, and Lot went with him. And Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed … More

God’s Blessing

“The Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake” (Genesis 39:5). God’s blessing overflows. We go back to Genesis 39:2 … More