Teaching Evangelism

In the preface to his book, The Evangelism of the Early Church, Michael Green states a personal reason for writing the book: “Most evangelists are not very interested in theology: most theologians are not very interested in evangelism. I am deeply committed to both. So the study of this subject was particularly congenial to me” […]

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John Hick’s Religious World

Introduction John Hick is eminently readable. He is a theologian who wears his heart on his sleeve. He has no time for the kind of theology which uses traditional language without making clear whether such language is to be taken literally. Hick puts his cards on the table. There is no way he will entertain […]

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G. C. Berkouwer and the Experiential Theology of Early Dutch Calvinism

The experiential theology of early Dutch Calvinism finds its clearest expression in the writings of a number of seventeenth century writers, such as William Ames, T J Frelinghuysen and William a Brakel. William Ames, probably the most well-known representative of this type of theology, opens his book, The Marrow of Theology, with a definition of […]

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Theological Articles / Books

Lamentations Karl Barth the Preacher Pride and Faith in Berkouwer’s Studies in Dogmatics Arminius – Hero or Heretic? John Hick’s Religious World A Biblical Approach to Theodicy The Use of the Bible in Evangelical Preaching Today Can we give an adequate account of human experience without reference to God? The Place of Theology in the […]

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Biblical and Theological Links

Biblical and Theological Websites Belgic Confession Bible Centre Bible Commentaries Bible Gateway BiblePro Blue Letter Bible (Commentaries) Christian Blog Crosswire Bible Society Daily Devotions Evangelical Christian Library Gospel and Culture Heidelberg Catechism International Theological Dialogues IVP New Testament Commentaries James Philip: Daily Bible Readings John Zizioulas Northwestern Community Church Pentecostal – Reformed Dialogue Preachology Sermons: […]

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