Fulfil your vows.

“Fulfil your vows” (Nahum 1:15).  * Faith We’re going to think together about our Church membership vows. These vows can be summarized in five words: Faith, Worship, Devotions, Giving, Witness. The first vow is the foundation upon which the others are built. The other four vows are the practical implications of the first vow: our […]

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Worship and Witness

We ask the question, “How are we to worship God?” We must also ask the question, “How are we to witness for Him?” Worship and witness belong together. * Worship which does not lead to witness is incomplete. True worship does not end the moment you step outside of the church building. True worship shapes […]

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Witnessing For Christ

In all of our witnessing for Christ, we must never forget that the Christian’s concern is not simply with winning an argument but with leading others in the entirety of their existence to faith in Christ.In our witness for Christ, the most important thing is love. The importance of having love in all that we […]

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