A Biblical Approach to Theodicy

This article was published in ”Evangel", 10.2 (Summer 1992): 25-29.[p.25]IntroductionWe approach theodicy from two angles: the authority of Scripture and the need for contemporary relevance. These two approaches should not be set over against each other. They are to be held together. If we believe that Scripture is ‘the living and abiding word of God’ …

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Charles M. Cameron, “A Biblical Approach to Theodicy,” Evangel 10:2 (1992): 25-29 Charles M. Cameron, “The Message of Numbers,” Evangel 11:2 (1993): 35-39 Charles M. Cameron, “The Building and Dedication of the Temple (1 Kings 5-8), Evangel, Autumn 1993 Charles M. Cameron, “Lamentations,” Evangel 12:1 (1994): 2-4 Charles M. Cameron, “Pride and Faith in Berkouwer's …

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