Local Church Evangelism

Here are some thoughts from the “Introduction” to Local Church Evangelism, edited by David Wright and Alastair Gray. A Definition “Evangelism may be defined briefly as the God-given task of presenting the good news of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit in order that men and women and children may come to […]

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Teaching Evangelism

In the preface to his book, The Evangelism of the Early Church, Michael Green states a personal reason for writing the book: “Most evangelists are not very interested in theology: most theologians are not very interested in evangelism. I am deeply committed to both. So the study of this subject was particularly congenial to me” […]

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Many Questions, One Answer

Here are a few thoughts on leading people from where they are (much concern about social issues, many questions about life’s meaning, purpose and direction) to the place to which the Lord is leading them (faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour). It’s often said that people no longer understand Biblical and theological language. What […]

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