Numbers 1 – 14

Numbers 1:1-4:49 God spoke, Israel obeyed (Numbers 1:1,54). This is the constant pattern of the life of faith – hearing … More

Not An Easy Pathway

Numbers 12:1-13:33  In his leadership of God’s people, Moses faced problems. It was not an easy pathway towards the promised … More

Numbers 25 – 36

Numbers 25:1-26:65 God’s people are being called on to maturity. This is the significance of the phrase, “at least twenty … More

Numbers 9:1-23

God’s people were ‘in the wilderness’ (1) – No longer in the land of bondage, not yet in the land … More

Numbers 5:1-31

‘The Lord said…’ (1): Let us hear and obey His Word. God is holy: His people are not to be … More

Numbers 6:1-27

‘Separate…to the Lord,…Separate…from wine and strong drink’ (2-3): These two thoughts are closely connected in the New Testament – ‘Do … More

Numbers 4:1-49

‘The sons…from thirty years old up to fifty years old’ (2-3,22-23,29-30…): The service of the Lord calls for maturity. Long … More

Numbers 1:1-54

‘Every man able to go forth to war’: This is the key phrase in verses 1-46. God is looking for … More

In The Wilderness …

“In the wilderness (or the wild country)” (Numbers 1:1). “Stage by stage” (Numbers 33:2) – Moses kept a record of … More

God’s blessing

Numbers 6:22-27 There’s nothing better than God’s blessing. It’s nice to have friends. People like you. It feels good. God’s … More

Notes on Numbers

NUMBERS 1:1-54  –  ‘Every man able to go forth to war’: This is the key phrase in verses 1-46. God … More

Thank God for encouragers!

Miriam and Aaron complained (Numbers 12:1-2). Caleb and Joshua encouraged (Numbers 13:30; 14:6-9). Thank God for encouragers!

From Victory To Victory

Numbers 21:1-35 The Israelites are journeying with the Lord. He is leading them from victory to victory. Salvation for Israel, … More

Get Ready For Christ’s Return.

Numbers 29:1-40Between the feast of weeks (Pentecost) and the feast of trumpets (28:26-29:6), there was the harvest. Pentecost- the outpouring … More

We Are Saved To Serve.

Numbers 25:1-26:22Read of Israel’s adultery and idolatry and remember God’s Word of warning: ‘Don’t let the world squeeze you into … More