The Solid Rock

“Have you never read the Scripture passage: ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. The Lord has … More

Love For God

Mark 12:28-37 What is love for God? How do we learn to love the Lord? We begin with listening to … More

Good News

Mark 13:1-13 In today’s world, there’s plenty of bad news – but there’s also Good News (Mark 13:10). The end … More

Learning to Follow Jesus

“Jesus was going to Jerusalem”  – to be “betrayed”, “condemned to death” and to “come back to life” (Mark 10:32-34). … More

Amazing Grace

“Their unbelief amazed Him” (Mark 6:6). The Lord has done so much for us. Why do we persist in unbelief? … More

New life for Levi

Mark 3:14–17 New Life For Levi (Mark 3:14). His name was LEVI. He was EVIL. He was a tax collector, … More

Parables, Power And Peace

Parables: Where does understanding come from? It comes from the  Lord. Before there can be “harvest” (Mark 4:29), there needs … More


Mark 8:1-26 “Compassion” (Mark 8:2): This is where everything comes from – the feeding of the crowds (Mark 8:1-10), the … More

Stay Awake.

We already know about Judas – what He was planning to do. Of the other eleven disciples, Peter wasn’t the … More

King of kings

Mark 15:1-39“the King of the Jews” (Mark 15:2,9,12,26), “the King of Israel” (Mark 15:32)Jesus is more than this – He’s … More

Mark 1:1-2:12

5th June: Mark 1:1-20 This is a new ‘beginning’. The prophets had spoken. Now, the Saviour has come. This is … More

The Son Of God

“Truly this Man was the Son of God” (Mark 15:39). Jesus Christ was no ordinary man. He was special. He was … More

Be Still.

Mark 4:33-5:20 Parables and miracles: In Jesus’ miracles, there’s a message for us. We must ask, ‘What does this mean … More