Standing Up For Jesus

“Don’t let anyone separate what God has joined together” (Mark 10:9). “Don’t stop the children from coming to Me” (Mark … More

Love For God

Mark 12:28-37 What is love for God? How do we learn to love the Lord? We begin with listening to … More

New life for Levi

Mark 3:14–17 New Life For Levi (Mark 3:14). His name was LEVI. He was EVIL. He was a tax collector, … More

Forgiveness And New Life

Mark 2:1-17“He was speaking the message to them” (Mark 2:3) – and there were “signs following” (Mark 16:17). Preaching and … More

Mark 14-16

Mark14:1-25  –  Jesus was surrounded by enemies, ‘seeking to kill Him’ (1). There was also a hypocrite, preparing ‘to betray … More

Mark 12-13

Mark12:1-44  –  Jesus – God’s ‘beloved Son’ (6): Rejected by men, raised by God (10-11). Jesus’ enemies tried ‘to trap … More

Mark 10-11

Mark10:1-31  –  The Pharisees came to Jesus – ‘to test Him’ (2). They asked Him about divorce (2). He spoke … More

Mark 8:27-9:50

Mark8:27-9:13  –  ‘Who do you say that I am ?’: Jesus puts this question to all of us. Some believe … More

Mark 6:14-8:26

Mark 6:14-44  –  They were great men of God – ‘John the baptiser… Elijah… the prophets of old’ (14-15). None of … More

Mark 4:1-6:13

Mark4:1-34  –  God’s Word carries this message: ‘He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says…’ … More

Mark 1-3

MARK1:1-20  –  This is a new ‘beginning’. The prophets had spoken. Now, the Saviour has come. This is ‘Good News.’ … More

The Solid Rock

“Have you never read the Scripture passage: ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. The Lord has … More

Good News

Mark 13:1-13 In today’s world, there’s plenty of bad news – but there’s also Good News (Mark 13:10). The end … More

Learning to Follow Jesus

“Jesus was going to Jerusalem”  – to be “betrayed”, “condemned to death” and to “come back to life” (Mark 10:32-34). … More

Amazing Grace

“Their unbelief amazed Him” (Mark 6:6). The Lord has done so much for us. Why do we persist in unbelief? … More

Parables, Power And Peace

Parables: Where does understanding come from? It comes from the  Lord. Before there can be “harvest” (Mark 4:29), there needs … More


Mark 8:1-26 “Compassion” (Mark 8:2): This is where everything comes from – the feeding of the crowds (Mark 8:1-10), the … More