Worshipping The Lord

The Psalmist loved to worship God in the company of God’s people: “O Lord, I love the House where You … More


 * “His feet do not slip … They will be kept safe forever” (Psalm 37:31,28). Our  feet are slipping. Things … More

I will praise the Lord …

Psalm 111:1-10  Hallelujah! Jesus Christ is risen today – a celebration for Easter, and every Lord’s Day. * At the start … More

Making Choices

Isaiah 1:16-20 Each of us must make choices – not just, What suit, shirt and tie will I put on? … More

Psalms 20:1-21:13

‘We boast of the Name of the Lord our God…Through the steadfast love of the Most High’ we ‘shall not … More

How Great Is Our God!

“Who can speak about all the mighty things the Lord has done? Who can announce all the things for which … More

God Is Great.

“God is known in Judah. His name is great in Israel … What god is as great as our God” … More

The Name Of Jesus

“May His Name endure forever. May His Name continue as long as the sun shines” (Psalm 72:17); “May He rule … More

Thanks be to God!

“Our God is a God of victories. The Almighty Lord is our escape from death … He gives strength and … More

Trust in God’s Mercy.

We must trust in God’s “mercy”, which “lasts all day long” (Psalm 51:1; Psalm 52:1). We need God’s mercy, because … More

Comforters? or Critics?

In Job 15, we have another speech from Eliphaz. He charges in with all the subtlety of an elephant on … More

From Prophecy To Power

“The Holy Spirit” (Acts 1:2,5,8,16) – This was the time for the fulfilment of promises made by Jesus during His … More

Righteousness And Joy

“May Your priests be clothed with Your righteousness; may Your faithful people sing for joy” (Psalm 132:9). We need “righteousness” and … More

Beloved And Precious

“Keep me as the apple of the eye” (Psalm 17:8). Jesus is God’s “beloved Son” (Matthew 3:17; Matthew 17:5). In … More